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T-minus 3 Weeks


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I'm starting my first whole30 April 10th. the reason im not starting sooner is I have a wedding to attend on april 8th and i really just didnt want to deal with that in the middle of my whole 30. it will be hard enough without that added challenge. I have a friend doing it with me and my husband is semi-doing it (aka im only cooking whole 30 and if he wants anything else he needs to buy it/cook it/eat it by himself lol) I attempted a whole 30 in september shortly after the birth of my daughter.... too shortly to be exact because i did NOT have enough time for all that cooking. I made it like 5 days, ran out of pre-prepped food and fell off the wagon. obviously that was not a good time for me to attempt such a drastic change. I feel good about my time management, life schedule, etc now and am ready to reap all the benefits everyone cites that they get from a whole30. What i hope i can achieve from this is the not wanting unhealthy foods, the preference for real whole fruits, veggies, and protein. I am also hoping to gain confidence, achieve a consistently better mood, and level set some anxiety issues. OF COURSE im hoping to loose weight :) but even just the de-bloating would be nice. 

is anyone else starting in April? i know im a little early!

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