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Stefaine's Day 2


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So today's my first day at work doing Whole30 and I thought it would be easy since I would be busy but it is going SO SLOW! I'm convinced it's because I keep looking at the clock. I'm so used to just eating when I feel the slightest hungry or even just bored...... having just 3 meals a day is seeming harder than I thought (still determined). But someone please tell me you feel less hungry as the days go by?! I'm going to get a workout in after work and I'm curious how that's going to go. Here's what my meal plan for today looks like:


Breakfast: Apple and sweetpotato bake (DELICIOUS and actually kept me full for quite a bit). I'll post the recipe below (I did ommit the ham as I haven't yet found Whole30 compliant ham.) http://www.paleonewbie.com/ham-apple-sweet-potato-scramble-recipe/

Lunch: Leftover Chilcken, potatoes, and carrots,

Dinner: Whole30 friendly meatballs and spaghetti squash (gosh I can't wait for dinner :D)

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