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Sun Basket- Paleo... Compliant?

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Hi everybody,

My girlfriend and I are about to start our first Whole30 on April 1st. For the past four months or so, we have used Blue Apron delivery service to make most of our dinners during the week. After doing some research I found that Sun Basket offers a "paleo" version of their food delivery service. It seems like it would be compliant but I want to make sure before I switch my service to them for the month of April.

Does anyone know if it is complaint? Better yet, has anyone used Sun Basket during their Whole30?


Thank you,


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Paleo food is not necessarily Whole30 compliant - you'd need to ask the questions, particularly surrounding honey/sweeteners which are often used in Paleo cooking, and of course any paleo baked goods or similar would be out. Ask them for a sample meal plan and check out the ingredients, talk to them about what you're after - they may be able to come up with the goods...

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