Nighttime Severe Leg Cramps

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I searched for this but since I can't search for "leg" cramps nothing came up.

Before Whole 30 I would occasionally have leg cramps during the night. The only way to get rid of them was to get up and walk it off. but I have no had any for weeks.

Now I have been having them all week and I was able to get through it. But last night I was getting them about every hour. And some of them were extremely severe,

A little background: I have finished my 30 days and have decided to continue. I did have some ice cream the other day to see how my body would handle the dairy.: Bloating, headaches, digestive upsets. So no more dairy for awhile. That was on last Sunday so I imagine the ice cream effects are gone.

And this morning my legs are so sore I am having difficulty walking.

Does anyone have any experience with leg cramps? I am ready to try anything.

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Hi Nancy - I would focus on making sure you are hydrated and that you are consuming enough potassium.

I apologize that I do not know your medical history, but if you are currently taking any medications for high blood pressure, or diuretics (water pills) these can deplete your potassium. I would recommend giving your doctor a call.

If there are no medical concerns, focus on upping your potassium. A quick google search can get you some good lists, which then you can pick through for the compliant ones.

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One super-easy way to get potassium, that a friend recommended to me, is to substitute the Morton "lite" salt (that is part potassium chloride) for your regular salt. There are plenty of food sources too, but since you're going to probably put salt in your food anyway it's an easy substitution.

Also, I have read here and elsewhere that just the reduction in regular old salt that you get when you stop eating any processed foods might be enough to cause things like cramping. Be sure you're eating some salt!

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