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Stefaine Day 3 and so on and so on


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Day 3 started a bit rough. Felt super cranky and had a headache but after lunch things got a lot better. Packed a bigger lunch and it kept me full until dinner. Also I noticed right after lunch I had some increased energy and I was pretty productive for the rest of the day. Not at all how I expected the day to go based on how I was feeling when I woke up. 



breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs (not very fulfilling but I was on the go)

lunch: left over spaghetti squash, whole30 friendly meatballs, and an apple. 

dinner: flounder and Brussels sprouts. 

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Day 4!

woke up late so unintentionally missed breakfast and then forgot my lunch at home. :rolleyes: I did go to chipotle as I read as long as you get a salad with just the guac, lettuce, tomatoes, and carnitas it is whole30 compliant. Still for some reason felt a bit guilty. Maybe because I'm trying not to go out to eat to avoid anything I'm not supposed to eat but I knew I wouldn't make it until dinner time. I have noticed my appetite has decreased a bit. But for some reason I felt SUPER thirsty today (still do). All I could think of was drinking just a sip of coke or milk or juice!! Anywhoo I made it another day. Below are my meals. 

Lunch: chipotle. ONLY lettuce, tomato, guac, carnita. 

Dinner: whole30 compliant zuppa toscana (although I did suffer through watching my husband dip bread in his soup :( wahhhh) 

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Day 7! First week down!! It definitely had its ups and downs. Yesterday I had to convince myself over and over again that this was going to hopefully pay off in the end because after a stressful day at work I really wanted to go home and eat a bowl of ice cream! But instead I'm still here :) I think I really need to drink more water because I've been feeling SO thirsty and associated that feeling with cravings for sugar. Below are my meals! 

Breakfast: eggs and whole30 compliant turkey bacon 

lunch: I napped and just forgot about it

dinner: taco salad! 

Excited to start week 2! 

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