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Recipe Compliance? Spiralized Sweet Potatoes with.....


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It looks like they're sauteeing spiralized sweet potatoes, cooling them, mixing them with an egg so they hold together into a patty shape, and then pan-frying that, and topping it with the kinds of things you'd put on a tostada. That seems okay -- they're not mushing them up and adding some kind of flour or anything. I doubt that they're going to hold together so you could pick them up like a tostada, or have the same crunch, either. Personally, I'm lazy and would just bake a sweet potato and load it up with toppings, but if you want to do this, go for it.

Note that obviously the refried beans and the optional cheese topping are not compliant -- I'm assuming you're going to sub taco meat or kalua pork or something instead.

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