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Sheet Pan Meals


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Lately I've been experimenting more with sheet pan dinners. They're such an easy way of getting two or three ingredients cooked all at once.

Today for lunch, I filled a big mixing bowl with cauliflower florets and sliced compliant sausage, and tossed it all in some olive oil and sea salt. I spread it out on a large sheet pan (covered with foil for easy cleanup) and roasted it for about 30 minutes at 400F. This works well with broccoli, carrots, or other sturdy veg as well. You could add lemon juice or balsamic vinegar if you like, and any other spices or herbs you like. I usually don't add garlic as that tends to burn.

I also found a "recipe" for Italian chicken, green beans, and potatoes. On your sheet pan, arrange chicken breasts down the middle; green beans along one side, and cut-up potatoes down the other side. Add some olive oil and Italian seasoning, cover with foil, and bake for an hour at 350F.

What other combinations have you made?


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I just did chicken fajitas on a sheet pan!  It was the first time I've tried this method too, and a perfect way to have it all hot and ready at once.  I actually put only think slices of chicken with seasoning on one pan and on the other pan 1 thinly sliced red onion and 4 sliced peppers of various colors also with seasoning.  I have one child who is reluctand for peppers and onions so he just had tomatoes and lettuce with His chicken.  My family is not whole 30, but eating similar, they all got tortillas, I had mine on a salad with olive oil on top.

450 for 8 minutes and then broiled for 4, turning the pans 1/2 way through.  It was awesome!

It was a "sheet pan shrimp fajita" recipe I found on pinterest and the seasoning blend was perfect, we just used chicken instead.  Will make again!

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