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Reality Check: Can I Stay Whole30 While on Business Trip to NYC


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So, I kinda started my Whole30 on a whim  (in terms of picking my start date; I've read all the books and have been educating myself and mentally preparing for almost a year) and am now struggling with how to handle an upcoming business trip to New York City that I totally forgot about. Can I, or maybe should I, realistically stick with this during a catered business trip where I'll have little opportunity to go out and buy or store food?

Here are the facts (I'm trying not to be biased to give myself excuses to stop). We are in a classroom from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Thursday and from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Friday. Breakfast and lunch will be catered. I will not have any opportunity to leave during that time and will not have the ability to refrigerate anything. The session is taking place in New York and I live in California so I won't have had access to my own home or cooking. We will then be going out to dinner on Thursday night. I will  be in the presence of executives and it would probably reflect poorly on me to be extra fussy about ordering. I won't know the restaurant in advance to do research. 

What should I do? What can I realistically eat? If I have to eat Larabars for a couple of days straight, am I better off just carrying on until then and then starting over after? 

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You will not survive eating larabars for a few days... seriously, you'll be starving and I suspect, fall face first into the first plate of whatever food you can find... I know I would.

If you want to, you can pack things that don't need to be refrigerated... tinned fish, olives, avocado, jerky if you can find it... 

Realistically, you're probably best off to carry on, do the best you can on the trip (ie: pick the fish and steamed veggies over the plate of pasta) and then start again when you're back.  You might be able to stick pretty close and just not worry about sugar in the marinade for instance, altho anything you eat offplan will effectively end your reset.

One more thing... I think that it's reasonable for people to ask questions in a restaurant regardless of who they are dining with.  These people work with you, they dont live with you, they aren't in your stomach when you're having raging gas thanks to dairy and therefore do not get a say in how 'fussy' you need to be.  That said, if you think you can find something on the dinner menu that might work with a few tweaks, order it and then immediately excuse yourself to the washroom and find your server... ask them the questions away from the table if that makes you feel more comfortable.  If anyone asks, just say you 'have some food sensitivities' and then change the subject... people would much rather talk about themselves so use that to your advantage.

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