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Well that stinks ;)  Punny!

In seriousness tho, without any information on what you're eating, what your workouts are like, your stress level, your fluid intake, your sleep etc... there's not a lot we can say except use more deo?

If you do want the help, please give us details as above being specific about veggies, protein and fat you're eating, quantity of water consumption, workouts etc...

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On 3/22/2017 at 3:46 PM, Janet.N said:

Hi I started my Whole30 March 14, messed up March 20 and back on March 21. I have noticed my air pits are out of control!  I can't stand myself!


thanks Janet

I love how you wrote "air pits" instead of "arm pits" I busted up! 


Is is that really what you call your underarms or was that a typo?

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