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Hi Diannhayden,

I'm new to this group too.  How has the journey been so far?  We are starting it tomorrow with a soft approach then hitting it hard Monday.  Do you have a favorite recipe so far?

And great progress on being on day 3!!


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Hi there Cyn and Joe.  Welcome to the group! 

The day before I started I was actually very good with what I ate just to help leading into my first day.   I'm finding it actually easy as there are many food choices.  The only problem I have is trying to get over eating a meal I would consider my lunch or dinner at breakfast time.  That I can't get my head around:)  so as much as I love eggs I'm doing them every other day and fresh fruit the next.  I did have a headache the first two days however I think it was weather related or lack of caffeine due to not drinking my coffee because of no milk.  However I do get weather related migraines so not sure who to blame for that one. I have since boughten unsweetened almond milk for coffee. 

One of my biggest mistakes was reading labels wrong. I was reading the Nutrition label (which reads as sugar in everything it seemed ) rather than the Ingredients label so that opened so much more choices ...good thing a moderator let me know. The moderators are very good and right on top of people if something non-compliant is being used. 

I made Texas chili yesterday in my crockpot.  So tasty.  It's my recipe which is compliant and of course Texas chili has no beans.

By the way is your name Cindy?

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