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My post Whole-30 thread


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Today is day 31, and I've successfully completed my 3rd Whole30.  12 pounds, lots of NSV'a, and best of all I ache far less, and have solid sleep back.

I've completed two rounds of re-introductions, so I've got a pretty good handle on what will and won't work for me. 


Corn's fine,

White rice is fine, but brown rice makes me feel like I've been worked over by a gang of thugs.

Quinoa's fine, but I'm not a major eater of it, so it might be that it's fine in small doses.

Black beans are fine in moderate amounts, but kidney beans?  Same effect as brown rice.

Peas are fine, but I don't like them.  Same with Barley and Lentils, and peanuts.  Though I do like peanut butter, but I prefer cashew and almond, so a bit of a moot point.

Wheat makes me feel achy and bloated, and zaps all of my energy, so I need to stay away from it. 

Alcohol's alcohol.  It's not that great for my health.  I'm only a once in a while drinker, so it's often weeks/months in between beverages.

Soy, I seem to do fine with, but other than a bit of tamari or Bragg's aminos with my occasional treat of sushi (because coconut aminos make me gag...I have a bottle, keep trying them, hoping they'll grow on me, but no luck yet) I tend to avoid it. 

Dairy I have a bit of a love-hate with.  I love dairy, but non-fermented makes me stuffy and snotty.  With one exception being fresh mozzarella.  So I tend to hold dairy at a rare indulgence and keep it at grass-fed.

And then there's sugar, which is my personal demon.  I seem to do okay with occasional honey in my tea, and small amounts added to quality processed meat, but otherwise, I have to be really careful that when I indulge, to IMMEDIATELY jump back to straight Whole30 for a couple of days...this is where I've de-railed the last couple of times, and I know it's on me, not just to be mindful of what I'm putting in my mouth, but to be proactive about my eating protocol afterwards, not just re-active.


The last time I had really good success with this, which was the first time, I continued eating 80% whole-30 inspired for about a year, dropped roughly 100 lbs. and felt great, (even with a great deal more to go).  In the few years since, I've gained back over half of it by not making personally wise choices about what I've eaten.


So while I'm officially done with this Whole30, here's to making wiser, more thoughtful choices when it comes to fueling myself, and taking full advantage of my re-set.  :) 

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A week later.  :)

I had a couple items that weren't compliant...which is okay, because I'm past the 30 days...last Friday night, I split a Hail Merry Miracle Tart with my mom, just because we wanted to try one.  That Meyer Lemon is to die for...which means that they won't be kept in my house, I'll have to actually to go to the store and buy one if I want one.  Which means a more conscious form of consumption for me.

However, just having it didn't stir the sugar dragon, I didn't wake up the next day wanting sugar at all.

Saturday, I went out to breakfast with a friend, and while I did sub out hash browns for sliced tomatoes just because I knew I'd feel better, I didn't stress about the butter that the eggs were fried in, or the small amount of sugar in the Hempler's sausage.  Just ate it, and it was fantastic.  No ill feelings, and the sugar dragon stayed down.

Today, I got to pick what the office had for month-end lunch, and chose Red Robin, because they have an interactive allergen menu online that lets you exclude things like dairy, wheat, gluten (which was separate from the wheat, that impressed me), peanuts, and soy among other things, which made finding a reasonable meal easier for me.  I had the wedge (lettuce bun) burger, without the Red Robin Seasoning, because it has sugar in it, and I wouldn't miss it. Left the bacon on, because I was okay with the sugar I would get in 2 paper thin pieces, and I wanted it,  and didn't worry about the guac, because it didn't have dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, or soy in it.

And I'll be damned, I can get steamed broccoli as a side there, instead of a pile of tasteless iceberg lettuce.

There was a little bit of in-my-head giggling when I was the only one in the office that wasn't groaning because they were too full, and now needed a nap.

The remainder of the week, I was whole-30 compliant.  No issues staying on, the food tastes great.  Wasn't left hungry...business as usual.

Was a good week, health-wise.  :)

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