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Starting March 26th

Anna I.

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Update on the pot roast: doing it in the pressure cooker was a smashing success!

Some tips if anyone wants to do it:

1. I used a boneless chuck roast, which may have affected things. I lowered the cooking time since it was longer and flatter than your average bone-in roast.

2. Due to the size of my pressure cooker, I had to work in 2 batches. I browned the entire roast (mine came in two giant chunks) and then did half the veggies and one half of the roast (cut into halves once again). I cooked each batch for 30 minutes at high pressure, and let the pressure release naturally once it was done (i.e., let it sit about another 20 minutes until there was no more pressure when I released the valve).

3. I used a full cup of broth, since pressure cookers need more liquid to function. I also didn't add the tapioca until the end, per a recommendation on hippressurecooking.com. Because of this, I took about 2/3 cup of the liquid out and reduced it (with a small amount of the tapioca) in a sautee pan until it was a nice glaze consistency.

Doing it this way yielded soft veggies and fall-apart-tender meat. 

If I were to do it on the slow cooking setting, I might add the extra liquid anyway, since it may give it some good moisture if it's more of a braise.


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