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What happens next?


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Hi all,

I completed my 3rd whole 30 at the beginning of March. 

I tried a slow roll reintroduction this time staying compliant unless there was something I really wanted. 

The other times I tried the reintroductions like it says in the book. 

Using both of these methods I have been left not having any control and then having the food back in  my life because it's easier. I have no real adverse effects. 

So I want to continue to feel good, I want to lose a LOT more weight, I want to have control over what I eat. 

So what do I do next? I want to have the disapline to eat good food but allow myself to have other food that I enjoy but isn't good to have all the time. 

Will keep this as a log of what foods I eat so that I can then look back at the effects or use it as a diet plan.

happy eating everyone x 

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Meal 1 - tomatoes, 2 eggs, loads of mushrooms

1/2 piece of dark chocolate

Meal 2 - sardines and potato chips

meal 3 - fish fingers jacket potato and mushy peas

Not fully compliant by any means. Bought a Fitbit to track exercise and steps to try and up the exercise.

happy eating everyone x

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