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High Fat Low Carb adapted for athletes


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Hi, I have been eating Whole 30 for some time though it has been a while since I have read the forums (been focusing on mindful eating) so please excuse any mislabeling or missing posts that have answered this question (I have read through some).  I have been recovering from something akin to adrenal fatigue the past 1-2 years so while I used to do a fair amount of endurance running/biking I have exercised very little at times including the past few months. Uniquely enough, it has been a break for my eating habits - easier to maintain a diet of vegs, healthy fats and proteins, which has been pretty solid.  I have not done this to the degree of measuring ketones, etc.  I have also not felt the need for complex carbs and I have gotten back down to a weight that feels comfortable.  Starting to exercise a bit again, I am thinking to add back some complex carbs.  I have more to read, but it looks like  I will just need to have a pre workout meal as some have described (for morning a hardboiled egg and tea with coconut milk and for afternoon, possibly a similar snack) and a post WO meal perhaps with complex carbs.  I am thinking that I would not need as such on days that I am not exercising and to naturally adjust for intensity of the workout.  I began to eat some of a RX Bar before mountain biking yesterday and realized it was too sweet (and not really thought through).  Are there those of you who eat similarly on days of not working out (High Fat Low Carb) and then add in the carbs for workout days?  Also, if I am on the bike for much more time I think that I will have some snacks that are sustaining, but not so high in the GI range.  Thank you for your time.  

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