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Day 31 leave for Amsterdam


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Hey everyone! Full disclosure I started Whole30 because of my BP and for weight loss, but also because I was just overall kind of healthy and not really doing everything I could for myself and my body, that being said I leave for Amsterdam on day 1 of what would be my reintroduction, so if I am being honest, I will not be doing a reintroduction, but really just taking 10 days for vacation and enjoying it and then starting with another 30 days... and doing a true reintroduction once I complete the second round.

Sooo a couple of questions:

Anyone just go cold turkey back to an unhealthy lifestyle? If so what can I expect?

Anyone have some advice on how to not completely screw myself over in 10 days? My *plan* is to try and avoid eating all the bread and drinking all the wine in Amsterdam on day 1 LOL 

Anyone been to Amsterdam and know some restaurants I should try?

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