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Sesame Oil


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A different alternative may be to replace the coconut aminos.  Melissa Hartwig says they "taste just like soy sauce".  Ummmm....no.  No they don't.  But some folks like them and the nutritional profile is better than soy sauce.    I don't dispute their value, but I found them to be an expensive disappointment.

I cut a lemon in to wedges, squeeze the juice in to a dish, and utilize the juice instead of soy sauce.  If the juice is too much, I may add a small amount of coconut aminos to smooth it over. 

I've also made sauces with a blend of Red Boat Fish Sauce and Japanese rice vinegar (which is compliant, even though it is made from rice) .  Just be wary of the label, Marukan "Sushi Vinegar" and some other versions also mix in sugar with the vinegar, which is of course verboten.

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It just says "Toasted Sesame Oil" on the ingredients so I wasn't sure if that contained soy or anything naturally. 

7 hours ago, SugarcubeOD said:

Yes you can as long as it doesn't have any non compliant ingredients.

Carol- I had no clue Rice Vinegar was compliant. I love rice vinegar sesame oil combo. Mine doesn't have sugar. Good ideas! I know I love coconut but coconut aminos hardly is a similar replacement!

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