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Brand New Day 2


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Hi all, my name is Amber and I am on Day 2 (started yesterday).  I have been exploring Whole 30 for awhile, have had friends do it and was just curious about the program. I was a nutrition major in college and love to cook so after reading the book, I was REALLY intrigued.  I've struggled with weight my entire time and beyond a really successful year on Weight Watchers 10 years ago have never been super successful at continuing a program.  Although I liked the WW model and think it is good, I've been struggling on it as of late feeling hungry.  I've also noticed this past year that not only have I felt bloated, uncomfortable, continually gaining weight - but my energy has been terrible.  The latter is what has bothered me the most as it impacts EVERYTHING...wanting to hang with friends, go to the gym, reading and just the every day aspects of life.  I have heard from numerous folks that although yes they did lose a bit of weight on Whole 30 - the change in their energy level and how they felt was astronomical, so therefore that is what FINALLY led me to try it.

I spent the weekend cleaning out garbage from my house and getting ready to start.  Yesterday went well, and i just keep repeating when I feel miserable (which I did at about 4pm yesterday for about an hour), it's "only 30 days" and "it's not cancer" and "you feel miserable anyway so stick with it". Really hoping I can keep that attitude.  This morning I do swear I woke up feeling a bit more "chipper" - but maybe that's the honey moon phase.  My goals in doing this program are to get back on track with eating nutritious high quality foods (I had gotten lazy), support my husband's ongoing efforts of weight loss and heath since being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and most importantly recapture my energy.  

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