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New Coconut Amino Rule


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So, I read the new coconut amino rule, but I was still confused if this can be applied to Coconut Secret's Garlic and Teriyaki coconut amino sauces?

They are very specific in the plain coconut amino ingredients about "Organic Coconut Tree Sap aged and blended with Sun-Dried Mineral-Rich Sea Salt". BUT for the two coconut amino SAUCES, they state "organic coconut sap" (with no indication of aging like the regular coconut aminos). My gut reaction on past Whole30s is that those two sauces are out.

I guess, what do moderators think? The other ingredients are compliant, it's just that sap which is in question since it's not consistent throughout the Coconut Secret products.

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2 minutes ago, PhysicsHippie said:

what do moderators think?

Can we get back to you on this? We've already been discussing this one with Melissa, but we've not had her definitive answer as yet.

Watch this space B)

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