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May 1st Start Date!

Gabby Davis

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I've been slowly realizing that I am becoming less interested in the foods / beverages I've been eating and noticing how and when I make unhealthy decisions. So, I've already started making small changes to my diet, routines, choices and behaviors. 

I am 32, love my career yet it can be quite exhausting and stressful at times, have three children (13y, 11y, 6y), and a husband. None of my family are interested in making the changes I intend to make, so I am preparing myself a bit more slowly. My husband typically cooks (and loves large portion sizes, breaded foods, pasta, meat and potatoes kinda guy) and he home-brews. We are / and for me, were avid craft beer drinkers. I have actually been cutting back slowly and loving the change! In addition, more important than food and beer ever was, I am obsessed with chocolate. I could make a meal out of chocolate some days! In the last week I haven't even ate a square of the dark chocolate I typically would consume three times a day (3 squares of dark chocolate). Now mind you, I always got the "Gabby - it's okay to eat dark chocolate - that stuff is good for you" - when I would say how I thought it was probably time to cut back on this habit of mine. 

The hardest adjustment I think will be truly eating good food. I don't particularly enjoy cooking and always let my husband do that (we split the chores, and that is just one he took on). I also don't particularly like food in general. I don't eat a lot, and what I do eat isn't what I'd call healthy. So, making healthier choices truly is important to me.

So, while I'm excited to go on the Whole30 plan starting May 1st - I'm going to ease my way into this so that I can become more comfortable cooking for myself (like I said, he's not particularly interested in eating this way, yet... I hope that I can also work on positively impacting his life choices through my healthier eating habits), and also educating myself on this plan and preparing in advance. 

So ready! 

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You can do this!

I hear you on the chocolate.   Yesterday I was given a tin of Quality Street Chocolates and fresh dates from Dubai.  The dates will be fine.....but I have hidden the chocolates away so hubby doesn't get into them and then I will be tempted.

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