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On my 7th day, been totally exhausted for days.

Fimbrethil Entwife

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Is this hit-by-a train exhaustion and this overly emotional/depressed feeling normal?

It has dogged me since day 3. No hangover feeling, no headache, no anger, just exhausted and sad.

I ate relatively clean before starting. Not great, but I generally stayed away from corn syrup, pufas, and wheat was a rarity. I have eaten Paleo on and off for a couple years now, so my body isn't starting from scratch. But this is hitting like a sledge hammer. I can barely get through my day, and yes, I am sleeping at least 7 hours a night.

Anybody else having this? Any suggestions? Light at the end of the tunnel?



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I would be concerned that you are not eating enough and that you may specifically need more carbohydrates like sweet potato or butternut squash.

I doubt you are experiencing tiredness because you are getting 7 hours of sleep, but you really need more. The basic requirement is really more like 8 to 9 hours nightly, although you can live on less your whole life.

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