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Hey all!

I have completed 2 rounds of Whole30 and it has been nothing short of life changing! I lost about 11 pounds, my cystic acne is gone, I slept well, my moods were far more stable. I completed round 2 in February, and though I didn't really lose much weight the second time, but I got about 5 other friends to do it with me and they all experienced life changing results, too!

But, I'm starting pack some weight back on. I eat about 75-80% compliant meals. I eat totally approved foods for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Dinner is where it gets tricky...   Anyway, I know I lost a lot of muscle mass and mostly water during my first round last year. I even thinking I was getting too skinny--about two weeks after I finished my first round, I was 16 pounds below my starting weight. For reference, I  am 5'7", started around 154, I stabilized about 141 after round 1. Round two brought me to 143. Now I'm back up to 146--and have stayed there for weeks! Admittedly, I've been indulging a bit too much in wine, nuts, and cheese... but I am wondering if some of this weight gain is muscle? I do two BodyPump (weight training classes) a week, on top of walking and jogging moderately a few times a week. Should I lay off the wine, cheese, and nuts? Or should I do more cardio? My clothes are fitting about the same. I really felt so confident and comfortable before... 
Can someone advise me? Is this normal? Please help! 

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I can't truly answer your question, but I know that I also put a few pounds back on after finishing my most recent Whole30. (and had the same reaction - "Ah! What do I do?" Haha.) I think there are lots of factors to it, so if you're not feeling worse in your clothes or when you look in the mirror, I wouldn't let the scale scare you. It's kind of a butthead anyway. :)

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