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Funny Scale Dream on day 23!!

Eye of the Tiger

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I don't remember having any dreams for several years.  And I haven't had any nighttime food dreams during w30 yet.  I have daydreamed a lot about food, especially during week 2.  But yesterday morning is the first time I remember having a dream in a long time!  

I awoke with a panicked start to my day because in my dream I stepped on the scale!  Oh the horror!!!  Ha.  Then I laughed when I realized it was a dream, and because of how panicked I was from just dreaming I stepped on the scale.  The funny thing is that I started w30 for health reasons, not to lose weight.  I'm not overweight.  If I lose around 8 lbs in the process, or over the next couple of months, then fine.  If not, I'm ok with that too.  It's actually felt very liberating to me for the rules to be NOT to step on the scale!  I am on day 24.  I may not get on the scale until I go to my doctor appt 4/21.  At that time I will be stepping on their body composition scale.  I am actually excited to see if I've gained more muscle....

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