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Frozen & Canned Vegetables/Fruit


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I know fresh is ideal, but can I have:

canned green beans?

canned tomatoes?

frozen broccoli?  Etc.   

I did not see anywhere in the rules that state we can't, but I wanted to ask just to be sure :)  

I am sorry if these questions have already been asked. I did do a search and couldn't find anything.  Thank you!

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Things to keep an eye on in the ingredient list, for instance: some tomato/ tomato sauces can include sugar.  Some frozen vegetable mixes contain peas/corn.  Some frozen veggies mixes can include corn/rice starch or dairy products (for instance some of the "seasoned" vegetable mixes).  The things you specifically listed you shouldn't have any problems finding.  Be sure to look at the ingredients, and not the nutrition label, as all vegetables contain natural sugars that will be listed in the nutrition label.

The Ingredient label will say something like Ingredients: Tomatoes and Citric Acid.

The nutrition label will say something, under Carbohydrates, like Sugars: 4 g.  These are totally fine.

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