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I am on day 29 of my whole30! I have not had to eat out the entire time, which made things easier for me. Anyway, I'm planning on starting my re-intro on Saturday with legumes. However, my aunt wants to go out to lunch with me. I would love to, but I don't want to mess up everything I've done for the last month! Some of the options near by where we could go include: Panera Bread, Chick-fil-a, Jason's deli, Chipotle. Has anyone found anything compliant at these places? Thanks!

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Double check the menu, but there's at least one kind of meat at Chipotle that has been compliant in the past, which you can have on a salad with salsa and maybe guac. They're actually good about putting their ingredients on their website, so you can take a look for yourself -- maybe their beans might work for your legume reintros even:

Everything at Chick-fil-a was fried in peanut oil last time I looked, so even their naked chicken tenders/nuggets were not okay. They may have a side salad you could have, but that's not exactly a good lunch. (Although, I suppose peanuts are legumes, if that were the only non-compliant thing in the plain chicken and you really wanted that -- you'd have to go look at their website and see what else was in them, if you wanted to maybe go that route.)

I've never looked at Panera or Jason's Deli, but definitely google them and see what you can find on their website. Sometimes if you google the restaurant name and the word allergens, you'll find more information, if their official site is hard to navigate or doesn't seem to have anything helpful.

I don't know what your aunt is like or if she'd be up for this, but another option would be to pack a picnic type lunch and eat at a nice park, or even at the food court at local mall, if none of your dining out options sound appealing. You could each pack your own lunch, or you could offer to make lunch for the two of you.


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Hi, I don't know where you are located but my husband and I are wholesale sales people that travel a lot. We were recently in Denver & the Minneapolis area. While in Denver we discovered a place called Taziki's... Wonderful Mediterranean food. Turns out it is a chain now in 16 states! They use olive oil in their cooking. With a few minor changes you can stay compliant. 

Their chain started in the South (Alabama I believe). One opened near us in Knoxville, TN last year. Anyway, there are quite a few of them around the country. With their meals you can have rice (not compliant) or opt for the roasted potatoes that are compliant... They are also absolutely divine tasting as well.

All the restaurants might be slightly different but you just need to hold the cheese, garbanzo beans, and pecans (sugar coated) on the Mediterranean salad and see if they can just give you some plain balsamic vinegar (their balsamic vinaigrette might be compliant but I'm not sure about that).

Anyway we have been to 3 different locations in 3 states thus far and hope that they continue to expand across the country.

We also ate at a Salad Bar Chain called Sweet Tomatoes in the Denver area as well as Saltgrass Steakhouse & Q Cumber's in Edina, MN. You should be able to go to Jason's Deli and get their salad bar. 

We also ordered plain Baked Potatoes w at Wendy's with Hamburgers without cheese, ketchup, mayo, etc. Funnily enough you are better off ordering a burger (if they use 100% beef) over grilled chicken since the chicken is usually injected with all sorts of chemicals. 

With steak houses you need to make sure they don't put butter in their steaks after cooking. Also ask about their seasonings. Montreal seasoning usually has sugar. See if they can just use Salt, Pepper, Garlic. Ask for no bread. No cheese, croutons, or dressing on your salad. 

We plan ahead as best as possible and take a small insulated cooler with our own dressings & sauces. Those were some of the things we did. 

I recommend that you get on websites & see what you can find out ahead of time. Good luck!

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I should have mentioned also that we ate at Mongolian BBQ's as well. You pretty much have to avoid the sauces except for garlic broth (garlic & water), ginger broth, lemon or lime juice. One place we went to had dry spices & herbs to add. Just make sure to inform the cooks NOT to add any oil or sauces... Water only!

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