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Super early period


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This is my first Whole30 and it's been great, but I started my period again a week after I just finished my last one! Is this normal? Does anyone have any advice on why this might have happened? I am usually regular and not on birth control and I had been bloated since I started, but I read that bloating was normal with your body going through the food changes. 

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I can't wait to see the response to this. I am doing a whole 60. During the first half my period was late. Now 2 weeks after that period I've been spotting for 7 days and my symptoms (tender breast  and weepy) are present as well. If it doesn't start completely by Friday or stop I'm making any appointment with my doctor. Sigh

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Hormonal rebalancing can cause early or late periods for sure.  If you're worried it's something medically concerning, go to a doctor.  Otherwise, these things usually work themselves out.  You can both google 'whole30 early period' or similar and find many many threads discussing this same topic.

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