Legumes: to reintroduce, or not to reintroduce?

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Hi all,

Today is day 30! Looking at the suggested reintroduction days in my book...

I really can't think of a legume I've craved or am excited to invite into my diet on legume day, so I'm thinking of skipping the reintroduction of legumes altogether. I'm interested in keeping up with the Whole30 lifestyle after reintroduction, just with a little less anxious interrogation before and during mealtime out at a restaurant. I know I have been surprised to find out that something has been cooked in soybean or peanut oil. 

If I'm only concerned about traces of legume/legume oil in my restaurant foods, should I: a) reintroduce legumes as suggested in the example plan; b)reintroduce only the oils...?; or c) skip legume day as initially planned, and be aware of the possible affects when eating out? Maybe there's a d) ???

Thanks in advance!

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My approach has been to reintroduce things that I will likely run into when eating out, even if I don't use them when cooking at home. In the legume category I did soy and peanuts. I already know that certain beans cause an unpleasant response, so I skipped them, but may reintro others that are often easier on the digestive system down the road. 

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