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Start Day, April 1!!


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No, this is not April Fool's. This is a post to look back on and see how far I've come.

But, I mean really...what am I thinking? I have issues. Well, we all have issues, but I have FOOD issues:

- I love dairy.


- I love sugar. I am addicted to sugar.

- I love condiments and sauces.

- I have spent most of my life subsisting on very poor food choices.

- I really dislike being in the kitchen and dislike my creations even more.

- I really dislike eggs...well, most of the time.

- I like what I like and have never really cared about ingredients.

- I love eating anything other than what I have made for myself.

- I love beer.

Given the above way of life, and many unsaid bullet points, it should come as no surprise, my body hurts. I am overweight. I am lacking in decent sleep patterns and energy. It is time to do something different. Think different (do I need to give citation here? Haha!).

Eating out is expensive and unsustainable as I am currently unemployed. As such, I found myself stalking all sorts of food pages to get ideas on cheap eats...I can make myself! Gasp! Thanks to Instagram (and others), I've discovered many appetizing looking Whole30 meals. And, the journey begins. During the last couple weeks, I've studied the Whole30 site and am finishing up two W3 books. I've also been eating down the unapproved items in my house (being unemployed, it just doesn't feel right to toss my entire pantry).

This "program" is a radical change from what I know. Will I be able to follow through and find palate-pleasing items to enjoy? In a move that makes all my ingrained habits scream, my transition has included experimenting with W3 approved items that will replace many of my current favorites AND making both quasi- and completely approved Whole30 items. What? Who am I??


What I've discovered:

- I can make (W3) mayo! 

- I can make (W3) Goddess dressing!

- I can read labels! I may not understand/recognize all the ingredients but I am taking the time to inspect ingredient lists (and put products back when the list is greater than 5-6 items).

- I have tried both coconut milk and coconut water. This taste test soundly verified coconut is good for three things only: (1) almond joy candy bars, (2) macaroons, and (3) coconut creme pie. My next shopping trip will include some other choice(s)...almond milk? 

- I am getting better and better at knowing (from the top of my head) what is approved.

- It is possible to make crispy hash browns on my own stove top!

- I've been invited out to a dinner party after the 1st and immediately started thinking about what would be safe and acceptable to order...not, about the favorite dish I have at the restaurant.

- On a recent night, I found myself both unprepared with wholesome food and utterly obsessed with getting something from Taco Bell. Much to my surprise, my visit failed to fulfill either my hunger or emotional hole and instead made me feel physically uncomfortable. I wish to not repeat that awful feeling again. 

- The decrease in sugar/sweet cravings is noticeable!

- For the first time in all my eating adventures, I have shared with THREE people my plans to give Whole30 a try. I may have even convinced one of them to join me!


Items for further focus:

- Portion control. 

- Meal planning.

- Matching the quantity of groceries to my needs (i.e., NO, I don't need six cans of pumpkin when recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon.)

- Better time management when cooking and while in kitchen (so, I don't feel like I'm spending so much time in kitchen, I'm neglecting other priorities).


Tomorrow is the last day before I pull the trigger.

- I refuse to binge eat tomorrow (whether in anticipation of "deprivation" or just because I can).

- I am excited for 100% commitment.

- For the first time in all my eating adventures, I feel like I CAN DO THIS!

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Wellll, April 1 was a well intentioned start date. I prepared myself a wonderful, deliciously compliant breakfast and headed out of town as planned. I anticipated having a meal out and felt prepared to eat/order according to W30 but boy was I ever wrong. I found myself completely overwhelmed. I wasn't necessarily focusing on on the things I couldn't have but couldn't find something that worked either and, unfortunately, gave up and went with a common (to me) fall back of a burger.

Onward! April 2 = R1D1.

Day 1:
(B) scrambled eggs w/ (ghee) sauteed mushrooms, LO roasted bell peppers, hash-browned white potatoes, coffee with coconut milk
(L) W30-compliant taco salad and dressing, minus the store-bought plantain chips I purchased before realizing they needed to be made at home (duh!)
(D) ahi poke made with coconut aminos, toasted sesame seeds, and macadamia nuts all over an avocado. 

Day 2:
(B) sunny-side up eggs over roasted asparagus and white potato hash browns. Coffee with coconut milk (blech!).
(L) taco salad repeat
(D) ahi poke repeat. I can see this quickly becoming an easy go-to, despite its two hours of marinade time.
(S) several tangerines throughout the day.

I've noticed a few different things in my body. Perhaps coincidentally, on April 1 my lower back was very painful. So much so, it interfered with regular mobility. This pain has continued through Day 2 but has decreased. Also, my quads and calfs feel as if I'd suddenly had some strenuous activity but this is not the case. My calfs are actually quite tight. 

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Good Morning...at 5:30am.
- No thank you. I don't enjoy waking so early when I've gone to bed past midnight. Come to think of it, this has been happening more frequently than not lately. However, I'm just starting to read about why this might be happening in ISWF. Thankfully (or not?), I am able to return to sleep and actually get out of bed at a more reasonable time. 
- Also woke up with painful joints...particularly elbows. Lower back pain (that started on the 1st) still lingers. My journey started to possibly avoid/eliminate these pains. :( But, I will attribute them, this time, to The Hangover phase.

Other "struggles" of note:
- Coming into this challenge I was rarely in the kitchen. So, going from preparing and cooking half to one-and-half meals for myself to three meals a day, plus then cleaning the mess, makes me feel I'm spending the entire day in the kitchen--with time for absolutely nothing else. No bueno.
- My portions feel enormous and they probably are. I need to learn to measure, or weigh, or somehow better gauge this before they get into my mouth. I've printed out the template to tape to my cupboard door.   

Lots to do today, but my breakfast(?) is making me feel bogged down.

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