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Reintroduction with Kids


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We are on day 26, but because of an upcoming trip to my parent's house on 4/8, I need to start the reintroduction process tomorrow for my kids (ages 8-13) so I can do it in my own controlled environment.  My husband & I will stick with the program the full 30 days.  

Anyway, I am wondering what is the downside to only waiting 48 hours between reintroducing items?  I was thinking of introducing non-gluten grains tomorrow (Day 1) and then legumes on Day 3, dairy on Day 5 and then gluten grains on Day 7.  That way we are hopefully done with reintroduction before we fly to Texas and things becoming much harder for me to manage!  

I would love to hear experienced folks' recommendations on this.  We have a put a ton of discipline and effort into this Whole 30, and I know this part is important (especially since I know my youngest has a sensitivity to something!).  However, my mom is not very mobile and I just can't ask her to accommodate our Whole 30 requirements 100% while we are visiting.  

Thanks in advance.

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