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Scale re-intro?

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Looking for advice here.  Trying to find a healthy relationship with my scale post whole 30.  My history:

6 months ago I was that girl described in the book....wake up, weigh in ...and that number defined my day. I thought I was healthy about it. I gave myself a 5 lb. cushion from my low, butbover that it was zero carbs, borderline starvation. I had lost about 60 lbs. from my high...ten years ago...gradually with lots of plateaus along the way, but never wanted to go back.

But I "broke up with my scale last summer. It really was freeing. And I do believe healthier.  The first time I weighed myself in six months was day 0 of my first whole 30, 1/16/17. But I had gained 15 pounds since my break up with my scale. I lost 14 in my first whole 30.  Was scared to go off plan at first.  Day 35 went to Paris and basically introduced everything over 4 days. Nothing disagreed with me.  Came home and ate whole 30 except stevia in my coffee and red wine every other day.  Started round two 3/1/17 (to do it right with proper reintroduction) Lost another 12 in round two. 

So now what, regarding scale?  I feel like since I gained 15 pounds in six months without weighing at all, that's not effective.  But I do not want to go back to that daily weigh-in.  I know it wasn't healthy. And SO frustrating when I would have a great workout one day and make good food choices and then gain a half pound the next morning.  I don't want to go back to that.  

So, post whole 30, what's a healthy relationship with my scale?  I am thinking monthly, maybe, but looking for some adive/guidance.

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7 hours ago, Mountain Girl said:

So, post whole 30, what's a healthy relationship with my scale?

Don't weigh. Measure.

Seriously, so many things can effect the number on the scale from day to day that it's not really a very accurate tool to measure your health. Take measurements of your waist at the narrowist part, usually just at the navel, your chest (including the bust at the nipple line), your thigh (measure 5 inches above the knee so you're always measuring the same part), your bicep, plus calf & neck if desired, and re-measure every 6wks. That will give you a much more accurate picture of your health.

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