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Deciding When to Reintroduce


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Hello, I am looking for some help from Whole30 alum. I hate to make this post about my personal circumstances but feel it is the only way to get sound advice. Hopefully it can still help others.

I am on day 27 of my 1st whole30 and feel AMAZING. I am feeling my tiger blood and can see/feel incredible changes in my body. The NSVs are endless! I only say all this because I DO NOT WANT TO MESS ANYTHING UP with my reintroduction schedule. Which leads me to my current question.

Day 30 is on Tuesday. On Thursday, I am flying back home across the country to see my family and for my nephew's second birthday. I will only be there until Monday. I am faced with 2 options. I can either continue my Whole30 until I get back on Monday and then start reintroductions on Tuesday. OR I can reintroduce something on Wednesday and then follow the reintroduction schedule. My concerns: my nephew's birthday is going to be full of the exciting/expected party food. I feel like it will be significantly easier for me to navigate if I am still following my whole30 rules. On the other hand, it may be good for me to navigate that situation (And that would be a reintroduction day) so I could say JUST try some cheese or whatever and still be staying strong in avoiding the other foods.

I am just interested in what people think about this. I'm sure to you alums and experts this is a no-brainer ;) I just want to make sure whatever I do, I do it right. Thanks!

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