Please help me with meal timings!


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Starting a round tomorrow, I have meal planned for the first week and doing a load of prep today. All good. But I'm not sure exactly when to eat! Breakfast is fine, up at 6.45, will eat at about 7.30. Lunch ideally would then be about 11.30-12.30 but I work 11.30-1 so won't be able to eat until after 1, that's about 5.5 hours after breakfast. 

Then I'm out to work again at 3, home just after 6.30, realistically another 5-6 hours between meals. I can't eat at work.

if you were me when would you have your meals? Do I need to add in a mini meal somewhere? 


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You might find you need a mini meal in the early days, but realistically once your body has had time to adjust your meal timings look fine to me.

I regularly have breakfast @06:45, lunch @13:30/45 and dinner @18:30, with dinner often not happening until closer to 19:30/20:00 on the weekends.

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