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Losing weight and not wanting to

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Hey guys, 

So I am doing this with my wife, and it's the first dietary change I have made, so this is all new to me. I am 5'11" slim / athletic build. In high school when I ran cross country, I weighed about 140 pounds.  After high school I put on some muscle when I stopped running and started riding and racing downhill  mountain bikes more. Due to injury late one season, I sat around and drank a lot of beer one winter causing me to gain a few pounds and get from 160 to 165. I have never been concerned about watching I ate due to my already slim build. Chips, burgers, pizza, the usual not so healthy for you kind of stuff. I stopped drinking 3 years ago and since my wife and I got together a few years ago, I have improved my diet quite a bit, cutting out most of the garbage I was eating, but still not terribly concerned with the details. Due to strest this last winter at work, my eating habits suffered and I lost more weight, getting me down to about 150. 

My concern is that since the beginning of the whole 30, I have been low energy, been getting dizzy spells, and have been loosing even more weight. I am down to 146 and not feeling strong, energetic, or very motivated. I have an extremely high metabolism and tend to burn every last calorie I take in. 

We have been eating a lot of meat and potatoes, eggs, avacado, fruits and veggies and such.

Do I just eat more even though the program tells you not to overeat? Do I just need to add something else in there too? Is there something I am missing? I hate feeling like I am wasting away with this program. 


Thanks guys!

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