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Day 1 - Whole30 Newbie!


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DAY 1 for me and the hubs!  So far, so good!  The Nutpods in my coffee is going to take some getting used to, though.  =)   

Currently recovering from my second surgery in 3 years for a herniated disc.  At 33 years old, I am too young for this and do not ever want to have back surgery or pain like that again!  I thought I was cured forever after my first surgery 3 years ago and didn't take care of myself or get strong and healthy like I should have.  And, ironically, the hubs herniated HIS back while caring for me, the house, and our 2 large dogs during my current recovery (fortunately he does not require surgery!); he was also diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis last summer.  We are literally falling apart, lol.  We are both strong, intelligent, and independent people, so not being able to complete daily living and household tasks without asking for help has been a huge hurdle.  So, we decided something needed to change (especially after seeing my mom go through a 7-level fusion of her spine a year ago.  THAT WILL NOT BE ME.).  And I am super motivated, especially after the hubs lost 30 pounds a few months ago by giving up fried foods and sugar (he was eating a lot of takeout for lunch).  He's looking GOOD!  And we weren't eating UNHEALTHY, but I definitely have a sugar dragon and justified that that the 2 - 3 meals per day that I was cooking from scratch were healthy, just because they were homemade (they contained too much dairy, grains, and sugar - my favorite foods).  And we both drink alcohol on a daily basis (1 - 2 drinks per evening).  So, I bought the books and have spent the last 3 weeks getting prepared (like, uber-prepared!  lists galore!).  We are fully-stocked, educated, and meal-prepped (I'm already a huge foodie/cook/baker, so this wasn't too hard, just time-consuming).  Plus, my sister just finished her first round of Whole30 on March 30 and her input/advice has been extremely valuable.  

Getting healthy is our first and foremost goal.  Losing weight is just a bonus.  HERE WE GO!  

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