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Starting April 4


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Hello Kirby & Brooke!

I started my 2nd "serious" Whole30 on April 4th also.  I say "serious", because I did a complete Whole30 about 2 years ago, and had great results.  Unfortunately, I jumped off the wagon as soon as the 30th day was over, and have really let myself go since then.  I've tried many times to do a 2nd W30, but my heart just wasn't in it!  SO - Here I am on day 9, and I'm doing very well. 

I'm Johnnie, a 59 year old female from Oklahoma.  My husband Gary is also W30ing with me, which makes it much easier. 

If either of you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask.  I may not know, but we can suffer & rejoice together.

Happy Wednesday - DAY NINE!  :)

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