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Been feeling really tired since day since day 11, on day 16

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So I have been extremely tired throughout the day since day 11. I'm now on day 16. I do have a 6 month old and 6 other children who sometimes wake me up at night, but it's never made me feel this fatigued before. Is this something that will go away? I've been waiting it out for 5 days now, thinking it would go away. I would totally take naps during the day being a SAHM and everything, but I just can't fit it in most of the time! :-(

My usual day:

BF- 2 eggs with chopped onion and peppers or squash + avocado and a fruit or yams

AM Snack, fruit

Lunch- leftovers from dinner (meat with veggies)

PM Snack- Nuts & raisins

Dinner- last night was butternut squash soup with chicken pieces. (YUM!) I had 2 bowls.

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You're breastfeeding aren't you?  Maybe I"m getting you confused with someone else.  If you are, you need to be eating 4 meals a day at least and upping your fat content throughout the day by eating avocado, sipping coconut milk straight from the can etc...

Are two eggs all you can hold in one hand without dropping?  I challenge that ;)  Eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping... that's 3-4 to start for most people... if you don't want that many eggs, add an alternate protein source to your eggs.  Are those veggies filling a proper sized dinner plate?  

If you need to eat between meals, which you should if you're breastfeeding, then do so, but not fruit or nuts on their own.  Protein, fat and ideally veggies.  Fruit is meant to be eaten with a meal and for everyone (including breastfeeding women) the recommendation is 0-2 fist sized servings a day.  I see three servings here including the raisins.

Lunch has no fat listed.

Dinner should have additional veggies of the non starchy variety... I assume the soup had coconut milk or something in it, otherwise you're lacking fat again.

Basically you probably feel tired and fatigued because youre not actually fuelling your body enough (especially if you are breastfeeding... if you're not, sorry to belabour that point but maybe it'll help someone else :) )

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Yes, I am breastfeeding. Doing it right now as a matter of fact. ;-) Best time to browse on here. :-D

Ya, I figured I needed more of something. Just not feeling that hungry. Also not sure I can afford eating this much! Trying to ration things out with my kids as well. :-( I will do my best to eat more and include more fat. Eat just 2 servings of fruit/day, and more protein in the morning. Also eating 4 meals rather than 3. That one will be a struggle.

Thank you for your help. I'm glad I got on here and asked while I'm only halfway through. This gives me something to work on, and improve! Excited to do better. 

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