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Only in my early twenties, I have struggled with stomach issues for several years. It got so bad that even though I really wanted to go out, I didn't because I knew I would feel sick or have to use the bathroom if I ate anything! I gained 40 pounds in 3 years and felt disgusting about myself! I tried diets and always failed to stick to them or to see results. 

I heard about whole30 and decided to commit! I completed 30 days fairly easily. The first week was a challenge after that I was never left feeling hungry and my energy levels were so much better! I actually felt good to go out and my bowl movements became regular. My bloating and inflamaton decreased significantly. I weighed 176 pounds and by the end I weighed 157. I couldn't believe it! I felt great.  I slowly got away from whole30, adding things here and there or special occasions. Over 10 months I only gained back 2 pounds. now I am back at it again because it is so worth feeling healthier and eating clean food. I also am working towards my goal weight of 130.


Anyone can do anything for 30 days. Put your mind to it and it will be more than worth it!


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Thanks for sharing!  I feel like we might be in similar situations.  Today is day 9 for me and I started close to your start weight.  I am hoping to get to where you got by the end of my whole 30.  My wedding is in 3 months so not only am I doing whole 30 to feel better (I have stomach issues too) but also to look my best at my wedding!  Hope you had good lock on your second round! 

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I knew by day three this was the answer I have sought most of my life.I realized that food allergies might be a problem. I never quit sugar dairy grains and legumes at one time! I could tell right away that it was changing everything.due to rooky mistake of lack of prepping/ planning I had to restart twice.I'm on my third time day four and didn't kill anything! My only symptom is being extremely tired and I have chronic insomnia so that doesn't help. No cravings at sweet no salty no cravings! My severe IBSD is almost cleared up fibro is much better I just feel much better all over my brain fog lifting my mood is much improved this is not 30 days for me its the rest of my life! Best thing I ever did for myself 

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