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Cheat and punishment

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I am on day 14! I'm was doing well with the food and have cheated once with a beer. But today I failed, my family took me out for Mexican for Mothers day. I could have ordered a nice salad with some fajita beef or shrimp but did I? Sadly no. I ordered Enchiladas Rancharos. I ate Cheese filled Enchiladas covered in pork, peppers and onions. I started feeling sick and stopped eating half way through. Now I feel so Yucky. I body is so unhappy to have to deal with cheese and corn tortillas. I can't wait to go to bed and start tomorrow fresh. I'm posting this as a reminder of how yucky I feel..


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What if you reframed your experience from "cheat and punishment" (lots of self judgment attached) to simply experiment and feedback?

I love this quote from Christiane Northrup's book "Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom: "When we realign with our inner guidance and stop judging our bodies and our feelings as bad when they are offering us information, we are on the path to a life filled with growth and delight."

One of the gifts that the Whole30 and clean eating continues to give us is the opportunity to heal our relationship with food - and with ourselves.

I still struggle from time to time with my desire to be thinner or leaner or stronger or fill-in-the-blank-er. I think most women do. We also feel the need to strive for perfection. Learning to let go of some of that can be freeing and help us feel lighter in lots of other important ways.

Best wishes for your continued experimentation!

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