Take Two: Nightshade Free w/ Supplements Whole 66


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As of Saturday it had been 45 days since I went Paleo after a long hiatus and 20 days since ending my whole 25. I was excited to add the occasionally honey and dairy back. I also wanted to fiddle with rotated nightshades. Adding honey wasn't a problem and I didn't binge but adding nuts and nightshades felt horrible. I was fine and just took those foods back out until the single short breve latte incident. My insides were so ripped up I was left bleeding. So here I am. My gut just didn't have enough time to heal at all. I also feel run down. I get the sense that I have a leaky gut and am not absorbing nutrients.

So I'm back. I am doing a whole 66 ending new years and started taking a practitioner line of vitamins/minerals/herbs a few weeks ago with immediate effect. I started my whole 66 Saturday and so far so good.

I'm really proud of myself for not falling apart after my whole 25 even though my weight stalled. I'm even prouder of giving supplements a chance. Regular vitamins upset my stomach and go right though me so I thought higher end ones would be a waste of money. But there was something I was definitely needing because I felt better within 2 weeks, they don't upset my stomach and my weight loss started up again. I know a lot of folks are anti supplements but when you're sick sometimes food isn't enough.

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Well done! These struggles can be frustrating - we recently wrote a post about how a standard Whole30 isn't enough for some people, and it sounds like your health history is such that your body desperately wants more time and even more TLC. Good for you for paying attention! I wish you the best of luck.


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