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Flight/travel snacks & meals

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Hello fellow Whole30-ers! :)

I started my first Whole30 on April 1st and am traveling this weekend (Fri-Sun). I am attending a conference out of state, and when I registered (before I had decided to do W30) I indicated I would need gluten & dairy free food, so there will at least be that accommodation. What I am looking for is tips on snacks that I can bring with me (I'm only taking a carry-on) not just for during my flight but also for the weekend, since I don't know if I'll have access to a grocery store or the means to get there, and I don't know what the meals will be like.

So give me your travel/flight/etc tips! I want them all!! I feel like I've already hit my groove with the W30 and don't want to screw it up this weekend! 




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This has been discussed at length on this forum so that should be helpful.  Google 'whole30 travel snacks' or similar.

Olives, tinned fish, roasted veggies, hardboiled eggs... if you have a fridge available at your hotel, then anything that you would normally have in your fridge at home can be premade and brought with you... usually you can have a carry on and a personal item so maybe jam a cooler into one of them or turn a soft cooler bag into your personal item and throw your wallet in there?

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Discovering access to a grocery store is easy!!    
Look at your itinerary to determine the name of your hotel, and the town.  Open a broswer and type in maps.google.com  In the search bar, type in:

grocery store near <hotel name>, <city>, <state>  So if you are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Portsmouth, NH, type in 
grocery store near Hilton Garden Inn, Portsmouth, NH.  

You'll see the nearby grocery stores.    Drill down for the types of grocery stores, and their hours.  Google's navigation function provides routes and travel times for auto, pedestrians, bicyclists, and even public transit if it's available.    

In this example, the nearest grocery store is Hannaford's Supermarket, on Islington Street.  It's an 11 minute ride on bus route 40.  or a 20 minute walk.    Check your itinerary to see if you're expected to pick up a rental car.  If you are, then it's an 8 minute drive.    There are also alternative means of transit such as Taxis and the ride sharing services such as Uber.  

You can also look up the number for the hotel and ask more.  Do they have grocery or errand services?  Courtesy car rides?   Can you get groceries delivered to the hotel?  

Also, go to Peapod.com and see if they will deliver groceries to your hotel.  

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