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20 Things I am Grateful for-Whole 30 Version


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This is Day 29 of my Whole 30 and as I sit by my window seeing the winds really start to pick up from Hurricane Sandy, there are many things I am thankful for from this 30 day journey.

1. My wife-Without her I may not have ever completed my Whole 30. She kept meals interesting and exciting by eagerly jumping into the recipes from Well Fed and thanks to her we have had awesome meals and tried so many new things over the past 30 days (although I can take credit for a mean Moroccan meatball dish!). Thank you for taking this journey with me and I am so grateful you are in my life and even more grateful that you chose to have me in yours.

2.Melissa and Dallas-For sharing this amazing eating plan and giving great support for those of us who choose to live by it

3. Everyone here on the Whole 30 forum- While I have not posted much, I have learned from, laughed with and been inspired by you and for that I am extremely grateful!

4. The Whole 30 daily emails- The best $14.95 I have ever spent! Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it has been immeasurably important for me. The recipes and resources are a huge added bonus.

5. Being able to fit into 2 suits that I havent been able to fit into for years! I'm working on the other 3 in my closet. (Surprisingly they are still in style!)

6. Having more energy than I've ever had!

7. Sleeping better than I ever have. Instead of mindlessly watching TV or being on the computer, I actually go to bed the same time my kids do; 9:30! The sleep is sound, deep and rejuvenating just as it was meant to be!

8. The swelling in my feet and legs going down significantly.

9. My sugar cravings no longer storm in like a Navy Seal team after meals.

10. Cranbury and Gingerade Kombucha for relieving my occasional bouts of boredom with water.

11. Getting through Day 3 when I felt like I had been drinking Long Island Iced Teas for 2 days instead of eating healthy for 2 days.

12. My wife's back is feeling much better after many years of aching post surgery.

13. My wifes feet no longer hurt after standing or walking for a while.

14. Maria (that's my wife!) can now fit into her size 10 clothes after seriously considering buying size 14 at the start of the month.

15. Maria feels sharper mentally than at anytime she can remember and she actually remembers things now!

16. For the first time ever Maria had no cramps during "that time of the month" and we (me, her and our two sons) were all grateful for that!

17. Melissa Joulwan- Her blog and her Well Fed book have been great sources of meals, laughs and knowledge!

18. Eggs! Need I say more!

19. Sea Snax- These delicious little sheets of seaweed became my go to snack when I had the urge to snack. I would mix tuna or salmon with olive oil mayo and chopped boiled egg in a bowl, season it and wrap a small amount snugly in a sea snax. Voila! instant sushi. Delicious!

20. Spending the rest of my life eating correctly thanks to Whole 30! I am eternally grateful!

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