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Day 6 and feeling pretty good!


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I began W30 on April 1st so on day 6 and things in life are going pretty darn well. I have cut my caffeine consumption somewhat, an unintended consequence of no half and half allowed. Or milk. I am eating my eggie,veggie, bacon mash up in the morning, salad and/or homemade soup for lunch and dinner is meat, greens and taters or some kind. Eating a couple apples at least a day( I slice them thin and it seems like I am enjoying the flavors more) and snacking on roasted sun flower seeds and dried mangoes and jerky. I live in a remote part of Alaska and so it is hard to get many organic meats and veggies that don't cost an arm and a leg, as we get all of our food from the lower 48 states and it is expensive. It must be shipped  or flown in. But my son-in-law provides me with venison, and we are on an island surrounded by the Pacific ocean so there are salmon and halibut  and black cod in the freezer as well as deer meat.I am lucky ! I now dislike grocery shopping as it is the only time so far that I get cravings...and they are strong! So, now I white knuckle my shopping list,  and avoid eye contact with the chip and crackers area, the ice cream aisle and hand out pretty much in the veggie aisle.I am not drinking enough water so need to think about that more often. Going to use my reminder function on my phone for the next few days and see if that helps me to remember.

I feel good and have to say I am not going crazy for food. I was hungry the first 3 days but I would eat an apple or orange and that would help. I boiled  an entire carton of eggs that night before I began W30 and that really really helped on the protein side. I notice that my bloated, after meal stomach is no longer and I am feeling a bit more energized. Nothing dramatic, but I do feel better overall. I am 64, so have some joint pain but it seems a bit less. could just be that spring is finally here:)?

I purchased a little gizmo for making zucchini and other veggie noodles and that is pretty fun.My family thinks I am a little goofy, eating zucchini  for noodles, but cooked in a bit of Ghee with a nice spice assortment and they are really delicious. 

All this being said, I do miss my cheeses:) But not as much as I thought I would. WEEK TWO BEGINS TOMORROW SO STAY STONG TO LAST LONG! Good luck everyone




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