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MAYDAY! I'm looking for 5 creative people to commit to May 1 start date & do a Whole30 Log TOGETHER.

Tiffy Squid

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Howdy, folks - I'm wondering if I might find a handful of people who would like to:

1) Start a Whole 30 on May 1st  (this will be my first go at it.)

2) Commit to posting on a topic *together*, or if you prefer, taking it to private email.  I would ask that we commit to posting at least three times a week, just to check in and compare notes on how we are doing.

3) Agreeing to post in a positive manner, using full sentences, avoiding weird Internet acronyms, and giving each other the benefit of the doubt if someone's post bothers us. Also avoiding political arguments, hate speech, etc.

4) Not necessary, but might be fun: if we posted on how it is affecting our creative lives, for those of us who write, make art, craft, play music, etc.


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