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April 17th Newbie


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Hello Everyone,

I will be starting my first Whole 30 after Easter weekend on the 17th!  My birthday is on the 15th and with Easter there was no way I wanted to start before then.  I didn't want to wait even longer just to start it at the beginning of a new month either and put it off.  I've been wanting to try this for quite some time but choosing a start date took some serious thought.  
I tend to eat out A LOT and I plan to give that up for these 30 days and cook my meals at home to eat throughout the day.   I know I'm not strong enough right now to try and find Whole 30 compliant meals at restaurants.  Bravo to those of you that can manage that hurdle!
I'm looking forward to a fresh start and building healthy habits.  Good luck to everyone starting out.  I hope we can all find the support we need here :) 

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