Fast, Easy Snacks in Montreal, QC, Canada

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Hello! My boyfriend and I are on day 3 of the Whole30. We are looking for some snacks we can buy as well as snacks we can make on our own when we have more time. We live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and most of the recommended brands in the book are not available here. Does anyone know of any snacks we can get here? So far we've found 2 types of Larabars available at Walmart.

Thank you!!!

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Larabars are approved for emergency use only (such as being stuck on the tarmac for hours).  We don't encourage snacking as we want you to be eating three meals a day, spaced 4-5 hours apart.  I'm Canadian too and when I did my first Whole30, there were no Epic bars, Chomp sticks eetc... make your meals match the template and you shouldn't need to snack. In the interim, while you're getting your meals down, if you need to eat between, eat protein and fat and ideally veg.. so maybe hardboiled egg, chicken salad etc.

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