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Whole30 completed!


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Whole30 finished 2 days ago, but I was waiting until today to make an announcement, as I had a follow up appointment at the doctor's office.  Doc has been concerned about my BP, and this was a follow up with the nurse.   I was REALLY hoping I'd have an amazing announcement about how my blood pressure has dropped.   But, the numbers the nurse read weren't stellar.    Last month they were 165/94, pulse 100.   Today, 160/90, pulse 85.   However, I have been dutifully monitoring my BP at home.  

My nurse was familiar with Paleo diets, but not Whole30.  However, she said "What you are doing is working.  Keep it up!"   She encouraged me to get more exercise, which I know I need to do.    I see my doc next month for a decison about whether BP meds are needed or not.  I would rather not take them, but I also don't want to take unnecessary chances.   The nurse seemed happy, even though I was a bit dejected that my BP numbers weren't better. 

My BF was very pragmatic about the visit.    "Most people say they will eat better, and exercise more, but they don't.  You are not just talking about doing this, you ARE doing this."

So, With my home monitoring, my average systolic has dropped about 10 points, based on my home reading.   My pulse rate, which has historically been in the 90s, has dropped in to the 80s.     The nurse says  I lost 10 pounds since my last visit.  This is a solid Whole30 win!   

And it's just the beginning.  I need more victories like this.   Onward!

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Wonderful to hear!!! Congrats!

I went on meds years ago for my bp which was 150/100 at one point.  It's been up and down, over the years, with and without meds.   I've not been taking them the last few months and my post whole30 bp was 122/80!  I count that as a win as well! 

keep going! 

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