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First Post - But on Day 7


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Hi there!  I didn't think I would end up participating in the Forum, as I'm not that into social media stuff, but here on Day 7 I realize I probably can't do this alone!  The first week has been fantastic, but Easter Sunday has it's own set of challenges!  LOL!  Prepping the kids' baskets was SUPER FUN!  I am in this to not only shed some baby weight that I'm holding onto (DS is now 3!), but also to hopefully shake off the brain fog, bad sleep and general sluggishness that has crept up on me now that I'm 40.  I have meddled with Paleo before and I also try to work out consistently.  I'd like to be healthier and fitter at 40 than I was at 25. 

As one who got through the first week, I LOVED having that first 7-day meal plan in the WHOLE30 book.  That was key to me getting through it.  Now I meal planned on my own for this upcoming week and I'm excited about what's to come.  I'm doing it solo at home, although hubby and kids are coming along for the ride at dinner - no choice!  I'm hoping to slowly win them over! :)


Have a fantastic day!


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