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Half IronMan fueling


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We've been whole 30 for the most part (a couple days of here and there for travel and special events) since January 23. I started back to training January 10th. I'm at least 40 pounds over weight (5'2, 174). Baby #3 turned 1 at the end of March and still breast feeds 3-5 times a day.  I'm down 14 pounds since we started back in  January. But I went from 3 baby boot camp workouts and one run to 3 baby boot camp, 3 runs, 3 hour+ bike rides and a swim. I know losing more would greatly help performance.

My biggest concern at this point is fueling for race day. I did a partial race rehearsal on Saturday and it went alright, but I want to dial it in. I had about a cup of roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil 30 or so minutes before we started. An hour in to the bike I had about 10 olives, 30 minutes later I had an rx bar, 30 minutes later more olives and 10 cashews, an hour later a date and 1/2 cup salted almonds (art the start of my run) 3 miles in another date and 5 almonds, 2 miles later another date almond combo. In total I rode about 45 miles and ran 7 miles. All felt pretty good. But I had no desire to eat for a bit after, tired and nothing sounded appealing. 

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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1. Create a Plan.

Practice your nutrition during training runs and avoid trying anything new on race day. Map out where the water stations will be and know what food and drinks you will need to carry.

2. Remember to Hydrate.

Drink every 20 minutes. If you feel thirsty, you are past the point of dehydration.

3. Avoid Commercial Gels.

Pre-packed gels and sport products can trigger stomach issues.  In some runners, these fuels are known to cause diarrhea and can result in digestive distress.

4. Explore Alternative Fuel Methods.

See Mod UltraRunnerGirl's tips for fueling and running in her siggie below.



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