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Is Snacking Okay for long schedules

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So I am on Day 8, which is actually Day 4 (I ate something by accident w/ sulfites so I am adding a couple days in at the end), but anyway--I am a teacher. I re-read the recommendations & looked at the meal template. I am also a coach, so from 8-6 I work (10 hour day) and sometimes longer. Here's my day: I eat breakfast at 8am. I then lunch at 12pm. If I am doing the "three meals a day" thing, that means I won't eat again until after 6PM (that's 6 hours), and I usually exercise after practice (645-745) and I won't eat anything until 830-ish pm on many nights. That means I'm going 8+ hours without a snack or food. I just can't do it.

I also struggle with eating before exercise (it makes me throw up).

So...because of the long day, am I allowed to snack in the afternoon? And if so, what are some good options? (I am allergic to raw celery and carrots, so unfortunately those are out).

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