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It's my first day and I have a few questions!


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Hi there! This is my first whole30 and my first day. I have a couple of questions that I feel I haven't found clarification for on the website (sorry if they're there and I missed them!). I was wondering if you guys could help me out. 

How much should I be abiding by the three meals a day rule? I.e. can I have some strawberries after dinner for a snack before bed? Or if I'm feeling hungry and dinner is a few hours away is it okay to eat an apple and almond butter?

It says sugar snap peas are okay, but peas are not. Does anyone have guidance on this? I eat these raw because they're an easy addition to work lunches but I feel like they have pretty big peas in them...any thoughts?

Thanks for any guidance! I have always struggled with mindless snacking so I'm wondering if strictly sticking to three meals a day might benefit me?


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