Is everything that's bad with coffee, the same as all the teas with caffeine?


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Hi everyone,

I've read in It Starts With Food that coffee may be bad for your GI track and it suppresses your appetite, so it's better not to have it when your stomach is empty. 

Is this harmful effects on the GI track the same with all the teas with caffeine, like oolong / green tea, etc? Between the meals or when I haven't eaten anything yet, I like drinking a blend of oolong, jasmine and green tea as I find the taste very mild and this tea gives me a somehow soothing energy. But of course I wouldn't want the benefits if the harm is bigger, when I have this with an empty stomach. What do you think?

And thanks in advance everyone, wishing you all the best in your journeys! :) 

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In my own personal experience, coffee and tea work on the gut in very different ways, caffeine is not the only contributor. In general, I would say that tea is easier on your gut than coffee, but you can always do an experiment of one and see how you feel when you take things out/add things in. (If you do have a caffeine addiction, drink plenty of water, keep some ibuprofen handy.) If you're drinking tea then eating meal 1 soon, seems fine. If you're drinking the tea and finding your not hungry for meal 1, best save the tea until after you've eaten.

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